Facts about the Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democratic Party has been working hard to defend democracy and to grant a fair and dignified treatment to citizens. Therefore, they have successfully implemented several programs and policies that ensure the achievement of such goals.

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Foundations of the Ideology of the party

They defend the social liberalism and claim that that the State should not intervene in personal matters. They positioned themselves against the war in Iraq and they are in favor of alternative strategies. They demand an electoral reform, the implementation of a proportional system and the transformation of the House of Lords into an elective assembly as well as the reduction of ministerial departments.

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They also defend decentralization, the welfare state and progressive imposition. They tend to define themselves as center-left liberals. During an interview for the Spanish newspaper ABC, its former leader Nick Clegg avoided framing the match between left and right with an interesting phrase.

He asserted that left and right are terms of a political language that does not illustrate well contemporary issues. He used as an example how the party was against the war of Iraq, a posture that cannot be catalogued on one of the mentioned categories.

A party that openly supports a united continent

The care of the environment is one of the key points in the agenda of the party. For such reason, they propose the implementation of a network of marine protected areas which can be managed in an appropriate manner.

It is worth to point out that the Liberal Democratic Party has always maintained a strong commitment to the principles of European integration, which is why the members and representatives of this entity have always undeniably manifested their support for the European Union.

They have also expressed their disagreement with the policies of the Brexit. For such reason, they want to negotiate the terms of the application of the mentioned reform.

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